RSV Immunization Available for Infants

Coleman Pediatrics is now offering the RSV (respiratory syncytial virus) immunization, Nirsevimab (trade name Beyfortus), for eligible patients. This immunization has been approved by the FDA and recommended by the CDC for all infants under 8 months old entering their first RSV season (typically fall through spring) as well as high risk patients under 19 months entering their second RSV season. RSV is a leading cause of hospitalizations for infants in the United States.

Please call the office at (301)468-9225 to schedule an appointment to help protect your infant this RSV season. Doses of this immunization will be ordered only for patients that have a scheduled appointment specifically for the RSV immunization. Please notify our staff when scheduling if you would like your child to have the RSV immunization during their well visit so that we can order their dose of this immunization for delivery prior to the scheduled appointment.

Additional information about RSV and Nirsevimab (Beyfortus) can be found on the CDC website at: