Flu Vaccine Now Available For 2022/2023 Season

Important updates regarding flu vaccine


Flu vaccine information:


Coleman Pediatrics now has flu shots available for the 2022-2023 season. You may call the office at (301)468-9225 to schedule an appointment. Please note that “Flu Clinic” appointments are available for patients that ONLY need a flu vaccine. We will not be able to address any other concerns during Flu Clinics. If you have other concerns to address, or have previously experienced – fainting, extreme anxiety, or any other adverse reaction to vaccines, please notify our staff so that you are scheduled during the regular office schedule.


Flu vaccines are strongly recommended for everyone over six months of age. Children under eight years old that have not received the flu vaccine previously will require two doses given one month apart. We will NOT be offering Flu Mist this season.


Flu Clinics will be held in our office (not in the basement location used last year). For the safety of our patients and staff we ask that you notify us prior to your appointment if anyone is not feeling well, has had symptoms of illness within the last ten days, or if any member of the household has had symptoms of illness within the last ten days, so that we can reschedule the appointment. Face coverings are required for anyone entering the building over two years of age. We appreciate your cooperation as we work hard to make sure that all our patients can receive this year’s flu vaccine in the most safe and efficient manner possible.


Drs. Coleman, Thillairajah, & Greenberg